Chia Network Mainnet Third Anniversary : Arguably Still the Most Energy Efficient Consensus Mechanism

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For a blockchain project with a vision of working differently, Chia Network’s third anniversary of its Mainnet launch stands as a significant milestone, heralding a new chapter in the platform’s development and community engagement. The article from Chia’s official website, paired with the anniversary video posted on YouTube, offers a comprehensive reflection on the past three years, detailing the strides made in technological advancements, community growth, and the broader implications for the future of financial technology. The celebratory tone of both the article and the video underscores the optimism and ambition that drive the Chia Network forward. As the network transitions into its fourth year, it continues to prioritize sustainability, security, and the broadening of its ecosystem, promising exciting developments and innovations yet to come. With a focus on real-world applications and a strong community of developers, farmers, and supporters, Chia’s journey is a testament to the collective effort to reshape the way we think about and engage with blockchain technology.

In their article on Chia reported the following overview of their first three years:

“Three years ago, we officially started our ambitious journey. We launched the Chia blockchain with a vision to change the way the world uses financial technology – lofty, we know. Simply put, we want to change the way people (read: you) access, protect, and use their wealth.

“We believe we’ve laid the groundwork for a bright future, and today is an opportunity to celebrate the Chia wins. And those wins are more than just our work at CNI, we share the Chia ecosystem with an incredible community of farmers, developers, budgies, and fans around the world.

Our Year in Review

“This past year brought its own set of challenges, yet we evolved as a team and made significant progress. We’re optimistic about our technology, its real-world use cases (current and future), and the development we’re doing to make Chialisp and the Chia ecosystem more accessible.

Chia Corporate (our lawyers don’t know we included this one)

“In April, “Chia Network Announces Confidential Submission of Draft Registration Statement for Proposed Initial Public Offering.” Read the actual announcement here, if you’re interested, though the headline really does the heavy lifting.

The “Halvening”

“As laid out in the whitepaper ahead of launch, the Chia blockchain went through its first halving. We provided an explainer with context on what changes folks would need to make. The actual halving mechanic went off without a hitch.

Actual footage of the Chia Team on a Zoom call waiting for the halving block

Chia Academy and Chia Docs

“We’ve released (and are continuing to add to) a repository of information and guides to convert those Chia-curious folks to Chia-developing folks. If you’re looking for somewhere to get started or hone your Chialisp skills, the Chia Academy has content for everyone.

“NOT THE BEES FEES!” – Nicolas Cage, probably

“If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably following the Chia blockchain pretty closely. You likely also noticed that recently we’ve seen some fee pressure. Normally, “fees” is a word one’s not thrilled to hear, but in this recent case, they’re indicative of higher levels of engagement and adoption of the Chia blockchain. This is a good thing!

Chia Passes 2.0.0 and beyond

“We’ve continued to push improvements and enhancements for farming, plotting, the wallet, Chialisp, and every other piece of technology across the Chia ecosystem. 2.2.1 released just a few weeks ago with new features and improvements. Download it here if you haven’t yet.


“More than 60 folks will be getting their ASIC Timelords soon™. Soon there will be more than 70 globally distributed timelords, each of which will be tied for the fastest in the world. This provides a massive amount of redundancy to the network. Try catching up to us now!

In CAD We Trust

“The Climate Action Data Trust launched their data dashboard – which you can find and follow here. And Verra and the government of Bhutan joined the CAD Trust’s efforts in Q4. The CAD Trust tracks and secures the data for the majority of carbon credits that exist today using our technology. The numbers are staggering, and expected to grow as more registries come online.

CHIPs (They’re not all listed, we know!)

“Together, we created some important CHIPs over the last year:

And we’ve many to look forward to this coming year!

Thank you!

“Chia wouldn’t be where it is today without the thriving community ecosystem ideating, collaborating, developing, and pushing the boundaries of Chia technology and the future of the blockchain alongside us. We want to extend a thank you to everyone in the community engaging across every part of the ecosystem.


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