Blockchain Fundamentals | Use Cases for Security, Scalability and Energy Efficiency

In the realm of digital innovation, blockchain stands out in its role as a decentralized digital ledger, orchestrating…
Chris A
4 min read

How Can Blockchain Networks Influence Carbon Market Risks before 2030?

The world is facing an unprecedented environmental crisis, and carbon markets have emerged as a potential solution. However,…
Chris A
3 min read
Chia CHIP-24 DAO1

DAO1 Standard on Chia: CHIP-24 Blueprint for Decentralized Governance?

The Chia Network aspires to be a beacon of innovation, often challenging the conventional paradigms of blockchain and digital currencies. At...
Chris A
10 min read

ChiaLisp Transforming Blockchain: Unlocking Next-Gen Smart Contracts

ChiaLisp is rapidly redefining the landscape of blockchain technology with its unique approach to on-chain programming. Developed specifically for the Chia...
Chris A
9 min read
climate action data trust

Climate Action Data Trust on Chia Network Blockchain: Global Carbon Market Transparency

Climate Action Data Trust (CAD Trust) represents a pivotal step forward in the efforts to create transparency and accountability within carbon...
Chris A
6 min read
Chia Reference Client 2.0.0

The Future of Crypto Farming 2023: Chia Reference Client Version 2.0.0, Blockchain Technology Landscape Redefined

The world of Chia Farming is about to experience a seismic shift, thanks to the ground-breaking release of Chia Reference Client...
Chris A
8 min read
blockchain hard forks and soft forks

Soft Forks vs Hard Forks | A Comprehensive Guide to Blockchain Forks, Network Cohesion and Decentralized Governance

Forked Paths: Decoding Blockchain Forks   What Makes Blockchain Forks So Pivotal? In the ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, one term...
Chris A
3 min read